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8:57 a.m. - 2004-02-27
Rant rant rant.
Be for or against anything. I have no problem with that. But DO NOT FUCK WITH THE CONSTITUTION because you want to get votes from hillbillys and far right conservatives with nothing better to do than stick their thumbs up other peoples asses.

The constitution is a sacred thing. Mess with it for anything other than to end slavery and give women equal rights and you may as well get rid of it altogether. It is not a toy, nor is it a campaign tool. You fuck.

And I consider myself a moderate to conservative Republican. The difference is, I believe in a hard line between political and social agendas.

So there. Zen said it.

The thing I hate most about the gay marriage issue is that it gave Rosie one more opportunity to get her ugly, pinched face on the tele. The woman repulses me. All you other nice gay people who wanna get married - go for it. I wish you joy. I wish I loved anyone enough to get married. It must be a wonderful thing. Let's not defile it with politics.

On to better things. This weekend will be a slow down of sorts. I'm going out tonight with a bunch of girls from work andthe gym I used to go to. Birthdays. I have to go shopping tonight fo rgirlie Tommy Hilfiger stuff. I'm gonna go see what I can find on t-shirt clearance racks.

Not a Tommy girl myself. I prefer Calvin Klein if any.

Tomorrow I will finally do my taxes, then Sunday I'm taking the godkids to the zoo. Should be a beautiful day.

In betwen I'll just sleep a lot. I'll need it in the weeks coming up.


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