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9:39 a.m. - 2004-03-01
It was an eventful weekend even without B-more and The Bar. I got two business cars while I was out and about. Both men told me I had the most boootiful boobies in the world. I didn't think they were all that out there, but I guess the shiny shirt did some kind of magic.

One guy was actually the one I bought a table set from. He didn't like me at the time, because I bargained him down a few bucks, and his girlfriend has beaten him up the night before. I guess it was just another slap in the face. But he didn't remember me. Anyway, I don't think I want to date a man who lets his girlfriend beat up on him, and tells his customers the next day. There's just something twisted about that. The other was his buddy, who reminded me of the D.J. Cranky. Eeew.

Then I went out with the Cancun girls in the next town over, which proved to be a great improvement. Less redneck/hillbilly, and more cute/intelligent. I got one offer to fuck, which I turned down. I'm not giving up H for just anything. It'll have to have real promise. Like relationship material. Besides, I don't fuck strangers. Period. Well, aside from H. But he came with splendid references, and, well, he's a very convincing sort. And actually, I sorta took advantage of him while he was vulnerable.

Bad me.

He, he, he.

I sorta miss him. I'll have to make sure he's available this Friday. I'm working early Sunday morning for a big production implementation, so Friday's all I've got. Stinkin' work.


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