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12:55 p.m. - 2004-03-04
Detoxing and being work-sober.
I've noticed that people treat me very nicely when I wear light blue or deep pink. It never fails. I have a blue shirt that I wear when I'm PMSing just so people will be nice to me. I'm wearing it today, although I'm not PMSing. Actually, I feel pretty damn good. Except that my waitress at lunch was on drugs and screwed up the entire order then took 20 minutes to bring the credit card receipt back to the table. But she was friendly.

Oh, everyone go congratulate Sixweasels. Her promotion was at last finalized and she will mo money. Yay! This is big cause for celebration. Now, go encourage her to get a spa treatment on the boat in April!!!

Oh yeah, go give Batten and Eastportgirl lots of luvin' because they are interviewing for new jobs and East is looking at new living arangements. Too much stuff going on, huh?

Me? I'm cruisin'. Just getting through the next month and 1 DAY! I had to have meetings with my very large international comnany's prez because someone, not me, screwed up big time on a project. Thank god, cause he was really mean. It is very unusual that a serf of my station gets invited to a meeting with the prez. Hmmm.

I've been doing really well on the health improvement track since Ash Wednesday. No snacks and only one sweet. It was my god-daugher's b-day and she cried when I said I didn't want her cake. I got her some clip-in hair braids in funky colors. She's 5. I guess she liked them. She was really more interested in the video game her siblings were playing.

This weekend I'll be embarking to B-more for some quality time with The Bar and Six. Then its back home, because I have to work Sunday. But this should be the last weekend in a while.

Then, I'll be resting up for the big party a la Sully. Its St. Patty's season again and we are ready to show our Irish spirit. This has become my biggest tradition. Right behind Midnight Mass for Christmas. I even skipped that last year.

Tonight, I just want to curl up on the couch and watch a good, fluffy romance. I'm in the mood for French Kiss. Kevin Kline is so adorable and doable in that movie. I want it.

One month and 1 day folks. Then its 16 work free days. I'll be completely detoxed and work-sober upon my return. And deeply depressed. I'll worry about that later.


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