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12:17 p.m. - 2004-03-05
A real downer

I hate this weather. I was so happy and bubbly before lunch, and now I'm totally drowsey and depressed. Skies are grey and misty, and the promised 70 degree weather seems like a big, fat lie. Its cold, damp and my hair feels like a rat's nest. I should never have gone outside.

Plus, I ate tuna salad for lunch out, and I feel crappy. Too much mayo in the mix. This place usually goes conservative. I hate mayo so much. Usually the tuna hides the taste.

Anything else for me to complain about?


I had some weird dreams last night. I was defending my friends' prematurely born baby from evil dead people who wanted to take him. I had to pretend to make friends with them to misdirect their attention, while protecting myself.

Weird. Unsettling.

The droopy weather brought it all back.

Plus I have to do all sorts of documentation that I've put off getting ready for this weekend. The big implementation.

OK, this is depressing. I'm leaving D-land now.


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