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10:26 a.m. - 2004-03-08
Freakin' boys.
With all the bumfuckery going on over people owing taxes, or not, I thought I was in the clear. I got money back from the Feds last year to the tune of 600, and owed the state about 60. I was pretty happy about it.

But this year, I OWE the feds 500, and got 20 from the state. Does that suck or what?

I admit that I claimed one additonal exemption on my W4, given I was moving out and wanted the extra security. But really, 500 dollars? There goes my fun trip to Wyoming to visit one of the cruise girls in August. Dammit!!!

This on top of a hideous Friday, work suckage, no booty call, and a half-assed attempt at a great film with Viggo Mortenson and his damn horse the only saving graces.

I enjoyed the eye candy, but the movie kind of sucked, unless you are a young kid who doesn't mind heads being chopped off. They bothered to make it so PG that the story line was lost in the corniness, yet heads were a flyin'.

Oh, and although I have no real expectations of a booty call -- he is not my boyfriend by choice -- I expect to be more important than a boy when it comes to our bi-monthly/bi-weekly (I never figured out how to say twice a month) booty call. Damn that man!

Instead of slumbering on his nice, warm, waterbed next to his nice, warm, cuddly self, I was in Six's mom's basement on a couch. Which was very comfy, but, minus booty, not half as fun.

All this because Sully's travelling brother returned home and created much drama. So I missed my booty call because Sully's brother had issues, and was spending the night at H's house being all -- dramatic.


I hate freakin' boys sometimes.


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