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9:53 a.m. - 2004-03-22
Well, fuck.
Well, it was a gut wrenching weekend that has overflown into the work week, on a really terrible day to be distracted.

Friday, I rolled over to my Friend Jay's house for dinner and a movie. Dinner was nacho chips with a dip made from salsa mixed with velveeta, and a half a bottle of superb wine. Hess vineyards. You have to try it. We watched half of Lord of the Rings, then gave up like the early rising geeks we are. Besides, Jay's daughter and husband were snoring away so loud, we had to rewind a couple of times to catch the text.

Then I got a call from my friend A Saturday morning at 7, begging me to take the girls early because her husband had to go pick up his mother from the hospital. She was taking a required life saving course for girl scouts, and had already paid for it fom her precious little funds.

No problem. I took a shower quick as lightening, gulped down a Slimfast, and was ready by 8am. As it turned out, I only had one of the godkids. Maria. The older one went to her other grandmothers. Maria and I haven't gotten a lot of alone time over her 5 years. Between my schedule and her mom's, we just can't seem to get it together. So I was really excited to have her through Sunday.

We watched Ice Age, which is a kid movie that I really enjoy. She colored some pictures that I hung up on my fridge. We played with blocks, and took a nice long walk. She was so happy. We were in the glow of happy times, Just us two girls. With big plans for eating lunch out, then swimming in her development's indoor pool. Then, since I only had her,we were going to the animal movie.

If you are sensitive about medical stuff, do not read further!

Then I called my mom to tell her that plans had changed, since I had planned lunch with her. I was going to invite her out with us to join in the fun.

But she told me she as sick. She had had internal bleeding all morning since 3am. I told her to call the doctor. She was instructed to be driven to the hospital immediately. So I called A, had her pick up a very upset Maria, and headed over to mom's to take her to the hospital.

We got to the hospital, and were taken pretty quickly. After some observation, it was determined that she had lost pints of blood, and was hooked up to an IV with fluids. Arrangements were made for a transfusion. Then she passed out, and the medical team put her upside down to get the blood back into her brain. Her blood pressure had plummeted. She awoke, shaken, scared, but OK. They got more fluids in her to even out the pressure.

Since then, tests have been done, but nothing has turned up. They are doing a surgical scope today to try to find the root cause of the profuse bleeding. Luckily, her blood has an unusually fast recovery rate, so she hasn't needed the transfusion.

So today, we are in a holding pattern awaiting the surgery results. Hopefully it will be something minor where a restricted diet will do the trick. I'm not even thinking about the other possibilities.

So that was my weekend. Please send all your prayers/karma/whatever you have to give her way. She's been through too much already. She deserves some grace.


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