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11:12 a.m. - 2004-03-24
Cruise prep
Oh jeez. You wouldn't believe it. Four days of extreme stress, and now I have "unmeantionables" going on up and down my digestive tract. Its like having the flu without the fever. Total meltdown scenario.

Mylanta anyone?

Can I get on the freaking boat now?

BTW cruise girls - I had to sit through a very boring meeting for one hour last night to get our cruise docs, which all look as they should. The travel agent is the worst speaker in the world. But I got our stuff, and even made a couple of friends (ancients, but really funny). There was a 15 year old girl with her family looking desperate. I told her all about the youth programs and how she'll have so much more fun than her parents. She looked a little less green.

Oh, and Mom is home and well. I'm taking her out for a "bland" lunch. Which translates into mashed potatoes and overcooked veggies. She's so excited though.

Can't wait to come down this weekend! I need a break!


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