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9:46 a.m. - 2004-04-22
Blue Monkey
Hey! I have found a new bath product addiction. Primal Elements body whips. They are fun, candy scented, whippy concoctions that froth into a crack-like body wash. If anyone knows where to find them north of Charleston, let me know, huh?

I used the Blue Monkey this morning. It was divine, although I really couldn't do it justice with my stuffy nose. Tomorrow, I'm using Cotton Candy.

In other bathing news, I'm just waiting for the LUSH in D.C. to open so I can take the Capitol by storm. Nothing like a bath product junkie with prime dealors in the immediate area. I'm practically vibrating with joy.

So, anyone up for a beer?

Is it happy hour yet?

Nap time at least?




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