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2:14 p.m. - 2004-04-22
Caribbean Pop Tarts
Entry 2 Today: I had a craving for the to die for homemade vanilla and cinnamon ice cream that was made from pure cream I am sure on the cruise. Off to the vending machine I went to by packaged sugar. I was thinking about the Hostess powdered mini donuts, but found instead Blueberry Poptarts. So, I bought the Poptarts, and ate around the edges. It made me happy because the sprinkles on the frosting were in Caribbean colors.

Oh well.

I finished a fantastic book this morning. Jemima J, by Jane Green (I think?). Another modern, young, almost becoming trendy type of book that I've become addicted to.

So, I've read Save Karyn, Jemima J, In Her Shoes (not my favorite), Good in Bed, Farm Fatale. I sure hope I don't run out of these anytime soon. I really like these funky, real, fast reads. I haven't read Sex and the City yet. I mean to.

Also, on the moving front, I've called for quotes, and I've settled on the mover I got last time. They happen to be the best and cheapest. So as soon as I settle on a storage unit, I'm calling my apartment quits.

More good news: I talked them into giving my out of sight and unused pet deposit. So that's a couple hundred back my way. As well as the security deposit. So, I'm applying the pet deposit to the movers and the security deposit to my next short vacation in the Caribbean. Now this is creative financing.

So, I'm just feeling better and better about this move. Although I still might go insane. But there's always the light at the end of the tunnel. Blue water and white sand.


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