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11:45 a.m. - 2004-04-26
Quiet weekend.
My head and lungs are still stuffy, but at least I didn't have the complete recurrence that Batten had last weekend. Eeeew!

This weekend was dedicated to being a good daughter and hanging out with mommie. I took her to the race track Saturday night where we bet on the horsies, and lost miserably. Only 2 dollars in the hole. Then I played nickel slots and lost 5 dollars. All in all three hours of entertainment for 7 dollars. Less than a 2 hour movie. Not bad!

I want to go back to see the races though. It is so amazing to see the horses speed by so fast. They look like four legged Ferari's zooming around the track. Beautiful. And exciting. Makes me want to ride a horse.

The casino is a lot nicer now too. The last time I went, the machines were in an ugly tent. Not there's a Hollywood theme and the place is humongous. Not as glam as Atlantic City, but much nicer. For all its worth. I'm not a big gambler.

Sunday we went shopping and I got a much needed pair of jeans. They weren't on sale, so I paid $40, but well worth the fit. Anything that works on the booty, ya know?

I also scarfed up on kids clothes at this place called Rugged Warehouse. Kind of discount/seconds kind of place with name brands for cheap, cheap, cheap. I got the girls designer jeans for $3 each, and tons of shirts for a dollar. Thanks cruise/yoga girl!

This week is devoted to healing up so I can babysit the god-kid while her family moves. I'll have her till around 9pm on Saturday, then hopefully I'll be able to meet up with my buddies in B-town or A-town and get some party time in. I need some going out therapy.

Is it really only Monday?


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