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9:39 a.m. - 2004-04-27
Dr. Visit
Well, you'll all be happy to know that your favorite Zen-girl is heart problem free. The ship's doctor was a quack, the EKG was fine and I'm on the road again with stronger blood pressure meds and a pill for acid reflux disease.

So the weird sensations/thumps in my chest were due to reflux and I have to take Nexium now. No biggie. And my doctor is making me lose weight to cure the blood pressure problem and get me off the meds. Eeeeek! Now I really have to do it. No more booty, no more buddha belly, no more chubby Zen. I'm really not sure how to go about a major life change like this. I've done Weight Watchers and got tired of all the hype and the fucking points. And I've lost and gained with the rest of them. But lose permanently? How? I'm kinda lost here. I've been chubby for so long I don;t know ho wto be thin, and I'm sorta scared to try. Does that make sense? Weird, huh? Most women envy thin women and would do anything to get there. Me? I'm happy having the booty and belly stick out a little. But I really do want to stop taking the drugs. I'm too freaking young to be taking BP meds. Its not cool.

Plus he's making me exercise to reduce stress. I'm a bit overloaded at the moment with this hostile workplace atmosphere and everything. So, I think that Curves was a very good idea of mine. I had a good time yesterday. They play techno. I didn't have to bounce. My muscles are very happy. Oh yeah, and these women ran around yelling "I am amazing!!!!!" I can see that getting on my nerves, but its all for the sake of the BP, you know?

Oh yeah, and to add insult upon injury, I have to limit eating out because of teh salt intake. I never use salt at home, and only use low sodium products, but when I eat out, I have no control over it. So, I have to start packing low sodium lunches and limiting restaurants. So, so sad.

Wish me luck!


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