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11:18 a.m. - 2004-04-29
Day 2. The mass exodus from my freezer.
Day 2:

Day 1 finished off nicely with no salt in the diet, and almost no fat. Good. Plus I went to Curves.

This morning I grabbed my usual veggie burger out of the freezer, read the box, and noticed with a heavy heart that there are 600 some sodiums in it. Out it went, with all the other frozen, low fat, sodium laden convenience foods.

Everything canned or boxed is going to the food bank.

Lunch is cereal and soy milk as I had no food left and I don't get a lunch break today. Damned nerds scheduling lunch meetings as if it doesn't matter to them. Lunch break is sacred, and I've only had one this week. 1. That's it. Sucks.

Otherwise, Six, Batten and Eastportgrl have been sending me emails about next vacation thoughts. It makes me happy to think about the next vacation. Very happy indeed. I want to be light brown again. Now, I'm just a pale, peeling person. With developing abs though...

On the American Idol front, these are my thoughts. A pop idol sings one kind of music. Their own style, what they do best. A pop idol does not experiment with different types of music, because they'd never sell music. AI should absolutely choose talent baased upon individuality, and nurture/develop that talent on its own terms. Not try to make chameleons out of very talented people who are incapable of filling every shoe.

Each of the contestants (with a few truely tone deaf exceptions) excels in her or his own right. Let them compete on their own terms.

Enough said.

Go George. You are cute as a button, and I love you like a puppy. Sing out brother.


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