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9:46 a.m. - 2004-05-03
Boys are creaps!
H and I had this conversation months ago about how he got rid of his girlfriend T. He just stopped calling her. That's it. No goodbye, no nice knowin' ya. Nothin. Just slinked away like a penis.

So, having had no return calls for almost 5 weeks (two on the cruise), I'm considering myself tossed aside as the fuck buddy of choice.

Now what am I gonna do for fun?

I don't like any other men as much, and let me tell you, none are as blissfully disease free as H.


But I had it coming. It was all my idea. Maybe not such a good decision in the first place. Maybe it hurt his feelings.

Who knows, because men are such vague and deceptive creatures. I will never know that goes on in their heads, and to tell the truth, I'm happy about it. It would be like a house of horrors. You you all know I don't do horror.

So, I'm bummed, but not heart broken. And I'm travelling to Weasel-land on Friday to have a good night out at The Bar. Where people like and appreciate The Zen.

Damn boys!


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