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9:55 a.m. - 2004-05-06
The booty and the boobs and the belly.
I went mountain biking yesterday after work. Serious mountain biking. 14 miles worth of mountain biking. And I feel great. No sore muscles, I didn't get winded. I feel great. It's truely amazing what Curves and serious changes in diet have affected my body and mind in the last couple weeks.

So, maybe this is a good thing after all.

Plus, I had a appt with the girlie doctor yesterday. He said that birth control pills are most likely contributing to the high blood pressure. Yay! So that means, I may not be as bad off as I seemed. I'm not looking forward to zits and possible hormonal-ness, but, my health is more important. Lemme tell you though, if my face breaks out, I'm find a dermatologist and camp out until I can be seen. Zens and zits to not meld.

Now, there are other problems, that may turn into bigger, surgical problems later on, but between losing the pills and making some additional dietary changes (I'm so used to it now) may make a huge difference. So I get another check-up in September, and go from there.

Nothing life altering or life threatening at this point, so all is good.

So I may actually be able to do this. I think the biggest adjustment will be being thinner and more fit. I am so comfy in my chubby body, with booty, boobs, and buddha belly proudly displaying themselves for all to see. Being a thin person will be a whole new world for me. I'm a brave girl though. I can handle it. Its for my future. Even if I will look like Dolly Parton. The boobs never shrink.


I need to find out what exercises those women do who make their chests flat. You know, the weight lifters whose boobs are all muscle? I don't want that, but if I can get halfway there, I'd be in business.

Wish me luck all! Have a very nice, Zen day.


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