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9:08 a.m. - 2004-05-10
The SIL and the waiter.
Who else took their mom gambling on Mother's Day? Huh?

We started out at a hotel in West Virginia that had an excellent buffet, though it took us 20 minutes to get waited on. This didn't bother me except that I was a bit faint from lack of food. My mother certainly wasn't bothered.

But my evil sister-in-law took it upon herself to scream at the top of her lungs for a manager, then continued to abuse the waiter when he finally did get to us. And brow-beated my brother into leaving no tip.

All of which made my mom very uncomfortable. On her day.

I gave my SIL a lecture within hearing of the waiter and manager about he was just a kid, probably working his way though school, on the busiest restaurant day of the year. I told her he probably would end up being uneducated and go to jail and become a statistic, because she didn't tip him and got him in trouble for nothing. BIOTCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then I handed him a tip.

So, mom and I decide to go our separate way and hit the shops. Then, onward to the casino at the race track to have a free drink and put 5$ into the machines. This isn't my favorite thing to do, but it made the mother happy on her day.

We ended the day with dinner at a great Thai restaurant in West Virginia. I'm telling you. If you want good Chinese or Thai, to West Virginia. Weird, huh?


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