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1:24 p.m. - 2004-05-12
The ever growing boobs.
Another day another yogurt. I love yogurt. Good thing, because it's on the new eating plan.

Since I've been diagnosed with three horrible diseases (slight exaggeration), I've been a bit obsessive about scouring for info in among other sources.

High triglycerides and high blood pressure are scary. Really scary. I don't want them anymore. I wanna get rid of them and the pills that are keeping me from blowing a gasket.

I want to go back to being a normal 33 year old woman who's only worry is whether I'll ever get married... You know, everyday old maid stuff. Not 65 year old man stuff.

The only thing young about me is my face. My insides are all senior citizen. Its a contrast in the extreme. I look younger than I am, but my health is way on the other side of spectrum.

Anyway, I went to Curves Monday to get measured. I lost 2 inches in my calves, but gained 2 in my boobs. Does it ever end?

Even my body is obsessed with boobs. Its like, oh no, she's on a diet, we've got to pull fat from her calves to make up for it!

OK. I'll quit whining.


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