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9:01 a.m. - 2004-05-13
Going up?
14 more miles of mountain biking kicked my ass last night. My face was bright purple, and I was heaving like a mofo.

But I did it, and that is one more step back from impending heart disease and an advance invitation to AARP. Go me!!!

Tonight I have the puppy to sit, as the step-dad's friend's funeral is today. So I'll take a much deserved rest. Tomorrow, I'll kick ass at Curves if I have time. If not, maybe a nice long walk Saturday. Update: I almost forgot. Who the hell is voting for tone deaf Jasmine Trias? Last night was truely a shame. I may not appreciate LaToya's vocals, but I know whe can sing and perform like a pro. I'd offer a contract today, if I had that kind of job. Anyway, go Fantasia!!! Redeem yourself from the Jennifer fiasco, and win the damn competition!!!


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