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9:25 a.m. - 2004-05-17
Pulling out the Poop card.
I saw a t-shirt in a magazine that read:

"Boys are smelly. Throw rocks at them."

It had a nice graphic of a boy with a really big head and odor emissions, with rocks flying his way.

Normally I wouldn't promote throwing rocks at someone less fortunate, but hey, after the H debaucle, I laughed my f-in arse off.

How much more funny does it get? It doesn't.

H didn't make it out Saturday. He had way too much to drink at The Bar with Sixweasels Friday night and was feeling barfy. Freakin' boys.

On top of that, Six and I had to put up with drunk, stupid, target shooting guy for two hours. He would not shut up, even with I pulled the poop card.

I pull the poop card when I want to lose the attention of squidgy men who won't go away. He invited me and Six to go drinking Leviticus (Lithuanian homemade liquor that tastes great, but OH MY GAWD what a poop fest). So I told him all about it. The nights of endless fiery poop when Leviticus is consumed. He didn't even flinch.

I'm in trouble when the poop card doesn't work. I was tempted to hide out in the bathroom until he left, but poor Six would have gotten the full on target shooting lecture. I am such a good friend.


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