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2:42 p.m. - 2004-05-18
Miscellaneous stuff.
Love Actually is my favorite movie of all time now. I just watched it again for the second time last night. It left me feeling heartbroken, joyful and in love all at the same time. Plus, four of my all time favorite men (and one new one) are in it. Slobber, slobber.

Work is a pain in the royal ass, but I am trying my best to balance it with a life, exercise and entertainment. Nobody is abusing me for a change, and my new manager is trying to make great strides in supporting some process changes that the team wants to make.

On the bad side, our half-day Friday's have been taken away. We have had a standing policy during summer to take every other Friday off at noon. It was a great thing. Work 45 hours Monday through Friday noon, and get an afternoon off. But the blood suckers are taking away everything that we hold dear. So why not some valuable downtime?

I'm still doing well on the old man eating plan. Except for this afternoon at the Chinese buffet. I ate chicken with broccoli and two friend dumplings with that yummy dumpling sauce. But I didn't over do it, so a good low fat, low sodium meal tonight should do the trick. I'm down 9 pounds so far. 41 to go!

I wonder how my inches are doing? I'm still flabbergasted about gaining two in my bust. And since my back strap was looser, it had to be in the cups. Jeez! Monster cartoon boobs. Thank goodness for broad shoulders and complimentary booty.

Oh, and the god-daughter is having a recital Sunday. Tap and Jazz. I feel so God-motherly.

Have fun sailing you water people!


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