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9:34 a.m. - 2004-05-20
I have yet to see a Locust. Except for the ones the girls dug up near that restaurant. Other than that, not a one. I wonder why they aren't out yet? Sixweasels has more than her fair share. I want to see one! Out on its own ,all big and red eyed. Of course I say this now, without having one plant itself on my boob for a little bumpdeebump.

Have I told you all that I hate my job lately? That's its a lifeless pile of shite?


As it happens, I won't be hosting Six and Mr. Six in my lovely abode this weekend, so I'm heading over to the eastern shore for some light fishing. Should be fun. I love to fish. And I don't mind taking them off the hook if they aren't cats. Those are nasty.

Speaking of fish, I ordered salmon at a new restaurant last night. It came with cheesy (not cheese, but tacky, you know) rice pilaf and frozen veggies. The "chef" coated the salmon in lemon pepper and baked it. It was horrible. Lemon and sweet salmon do not go together. Especially the find of lemon you shake out of a spice jar.

Very disappointed.

One quick American Idol comment. GO FANTASIA!!!!


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