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9:07 a.m. - 2004-05-21
Idol Watch:

Poor William Hung's breakout CDs are discounted to 10 bucks at Borders already. I guess his singing career is indeed over.

Zit Watch:

Almost one full week without birth control pills, and no new zits. (Crossing fingers)

Buffy Watch:

I have a new crush. Just a little one. Its... (hush) Spike. The Billy Idol-esque reformed vampire. He's just so tough and sensitive. OH, you didn't know I watch Buffy? Yeah. I do. Every morning. Its part of my anti-working to hard campaign. Its really addictive.

Heart Diet Watch:

I'm eating sticks, yogurt, fish and rice. No big results yet. But maybe the cholesterol/triglycerides are down a bit. Maybe...

Smelly Boy Watch:

Nothin' and no one. Two more invites from the cycling crew, but they work with me and are geeks. Off limits on both scores.

Moving Watch:

I've scheduled movers and rented a storage unit. Worked out new rental agreement with mom/step-dad. Can't seem to get the letter stating "I'm leaving now" over to the rental office though. Its in the car, in an envelope, ready to be deposited in the slot. But, I can't seem to let it drop through. I have a week yet.

Anyone have a spare 15 thou? Maybe I could beg for it on the web like "Save Karyn". She got 20. I only want 15. It would save me from the horror of living with mom/step-dad.

I don't think I could take any money though. I'd be worried that someone else woudl go into debt because of giving their fundage to me.

TV Watch:

Has anyone seen the cartoon on Sci Fi channel "Tripping the Rift"?

Sixweasels, your husband would love it. Its... well, its... Cannot be explained.

OK. I think I'm finished now.

One last thing. You know how when you lose weight you're supposed to imagine what you'll look like? I've never been able to do that because I've been so basically happy with the Buddha belly and booty. But now, I think I want to look like Charro. You know, from the Love Boat. All boobs and ass, but in a good, not too skinny, curvy way. Thanks for the hoochie coochie comments Batten! I now have a role model.


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