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10:15 a.m. - 2004-05-24
New boys.
Fishing was non-eventful, except when we passed by another boat, and I leaned over to my friend D and said "well there's a good looking guy!" I had to do something if we weren't catching fish. So I turned my attention to the watermen and rednecks on boats.

D leaned back over and said, "he's married." I said, "oh, really, so you know him?"

He says, "yeah, that's my father-in-law."


It was a nice boat ride though. And I got to drive because something was wrong with the engine and D was back there fixing it and I had to drive us part way home.

Sunday, I took my mom to Battens's neck of the woods for some lunch at a once great restaurant which now serves nasty food for an absurd price. I was very disappointed, but she loved it becasue it has beautiful views of the water, adn its tradition. The complimentary champagne was the only saving grace.

Then we went to the mall for some light shopping. I found my new summer perfume. Victoria's Secret Dream Angels Heavenly. Just like me. Heavenly. It was between that ande Lulu Guiness's perfume, but my wallet chose Vicky's.

So, I'll but the Armani away for the summer.

But, I think I made a good choice, because people were really nice to me after I put it on. And I have two new boy-friends now. Jean works at TJ's grocery store and loves to travel. We chatted while he checked out our order, and showed me his pictures from a recent three week trip to Israel. He's been all over, because he's been travelling for eons longer than I have. I mean, he has white hair and everything. I'm so jealous.

Then a fellow checker of his came over and saw my Blackbeard's lager shirt from St. Thomas. He said to come to the local wine and beer fest next weekend, because there weill be some tasty specimines.

I thought to myself that he looked like a pretty tasty specimin, and told him that I already had my ticket. Which is true, because Mr. Weasel got us tickets already. So now I have two new boy-friends to meet up with at the zoo. See how that works?


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