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11:23 a.m. - 2004-05-30
Bugs, booze and boys.
Oh god, I almost drove back to the mountains yesterday. The freakin' cicaedas man! I had my window down, and 3/4 of the way down, it started raining big, fat, red eyed bugs. They were dive bombing cars and blacktop as if someone had dumped them out of a huge bucket in the sky. And it wasn't intentional, its just that their wings are too small for their pudgy bodies, and they can barely fly, no less get out of the jet stream caused by speeding cars. And they are as loud as a vacuum in a 5x5 closet. My god!

I made it down safe though, despite the numerous cars wrecked, or pulled over to the side. And I had to wonder whether people were driving with their windows down, and got freaked out when a fat bug plopped into their cars. It was a beautiful, mild day, not the kind of weather that causes breakdowns and accidents.

The festival was great. T sold a great many pieces of sports wear to the drunk people. Good for business and moral. Of course I bought two myself. One for me, although I don't think I'll like the grey shirt with blue bands around the arms and neck. Kind of a 70's boy look. But I love the design.

The other is for my friend Elmer who is graduating from the Coast Guard Basic Training next month. This shirt was made for him.

I found a beer I really like. Its a sweet, thick malt that's called something about a dog, I can't remember. The cicaedas were out in force at the entrance, but got lost while were were actually in the festival. I think they put it in a area that has trees they don't like. So there weren't any altercations over beer between them amd me.

Six and I then wondered over to The Bar, which was devoid of entertainment, so we sat outsie on the picnic table to chat away the night.

This afternoon, since Six and Mr. Weasel are heading out to see his grandmom in the hosptial, I'm hanging with The Boys (God help me) at another festival downtown where T will once again be selling his wares to potentially drunk people. It should be interesting.


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