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10:40 a.m. - 2004-06-05
Ex-girlfriends are a bitch.
Last night was a bitch. Sully and The DJ rolled out, and Six and I caught up with them after dong Bar duty for her folks who were out of town.

Imagine my surprise when we get there, and they had H's ex-girlfriend with them. She had called Sully because her friends had gone to a baseball game and she was looking for something to do. It was fine, until she cornered me.

I had to endure 3 hours of how evil H is and how bitter she remains about the way he ended the relationship with her. Which was generally avoidance. The man is an asshole. I'm the first to admit it. He is a big, flaming asshole. But he's on of my assholes, and she is holding the grudge a little too long and fierce for my taste. Six months is enough time to let go of a short term relationship with an asshole.

She thought she could change him into what she wanted. She was looking for marriage and having his under her thumb. That works fine for some men, but H is as committment shy amd independant as I am. The daily borage of shit over not calling every two hours, and endless demands to change the way he handled himself, his kids and his ex-wife worn thin for him, and he chose avoidance, rather than provide some sort of closure.

Asshole, yes. Stupid boy, yes. Evil? No fuckin' way. I may be sleeping with him, but he's still one of The Boys. My Boys. And I feel like a protective mother about them all. I love each and every one of them. And it hurts to hear anyone else talk badly about them.

I've grown to understand that men are who they are, and you either have to accept them as is, like an old house without a roof or indoor plumbing, or you leave them alone. Trying to change someone to suit your idea of perfection is hurtful to all involved.

So I put up with the raft of shit all night long. Luckily, she doesn't know that I'm sleeping with him. THAT would have been awkward, huh?

Oh, and I saw a dick last night. A couple were having sex in the bathroom of the bar we were hanging in, and they didn't lock the door. I told them to hurry up because had to pee.


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