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2:54 p.m. - 2004-06-14
More whining.
Who would have thought I'd have so much shit? I have about 30 boxes packed. When it was all in cupboards, closets and shelves it looked so benevolent and small. Now I have a huge honkin' pile o' crap in the middle of my living room. Its like my posessions reproduced.

I'm almost done with the packing now. I'm just a few boxes short for the last remains of my kitchen. Then, its all done. Phwew! I have quite a lot to take over to my mom's house too. Too much. I can't believe how much stuff I have for the bathroom/vanity. Tons of girlie shit.

Enough moving for now.

I took my mom to a dinner show for her birthday on Saturday. There were horses, knights (delicious) and weapons. It was so cool to be eating dinner with my fingers like a barbarian with horses putting on a show in front of me. Plus, there was a falcon demonstration which was totally cool. It flew and did tricks for us.

My mom was so overwhelmed by the whole thing. She thinks I'm an angel or something for doing something so cool for her. When I walked up to our knight to get her a birthday autograph, she burst into tears. It was a little embarrassing really. I was totally shocked by her reaction. I had to walk her out of the place by the arm. I really don't know how to handle that much emotion. My mom is the most emotional person I know. Even having lived with her for so long, I can't handle the intensity of feelings she expresses.

Then again, one day when I don't have her anymore, it'll break my heart to remember thinking this way. So what's a girl to do?

And will I ever stop whining?

I never whined before I started to write here. I never complained. Well, almost never. It was rare. But I find, with the opportunity to whine so readily available, I tend to whine daily. God, what an annoying brat I must seem to some of you.

Ah well...ces't la vie.

Oh, I saw Breakfast at Tiffanies last night. Again. The second time. It gets better.

Oh yeah - and one of the knights looked like a red haired Sully. Same body language, same face, except this guy was younger and had light auburn hair. And he looked quite nice in his tight, shiny horse riding pants. I'll just leave it at that.


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