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10:07 a.m. - 2004-06-17
Old man ass
Finally! We pee-ons get to update. I've been experiencing much 30 something angst and have had no outlet. And now I'm all done, so what's the use?

I'v been reading my friends' updates with a bit of envy. Not because their lives are going so swimmingly, but because they are of the Diaryland echelon that get to update all the time. Bastards! (Hee, hee, just kidding. I love each and every oen of you. Really. I do.)

So, what has Zen been up to? Not much really. Just packig away. Oh, and watching Sex and the City. Those girls blow me away by far. My co-workers think I lead a fast and glamorous life. I think I'm kinda a bumpkin now with my shag buddy. Because I only have one.

The old man ass episode was really funny. I like an old man myself, but I'm not talking over 50. Even I am not sturdy enough to do it with a 70 year old ass. Not until mine is down to my ankles as well anyway. I mean, the dude needed a potty break during foreplay. Iiik!

Eeeew. That's enough for today I think. (Happy thoughts, happy thoughts...)


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