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11:48 a.m. - 2004-06-19
Ding dong the H is gone...
I poisoned and dumped all in the same weekend. And I don't know which one is worse. But I'm thinking it is the dumped part. And its not really being dumped, because we were never dating, but the fuck-buddydom is definately over. H is back with T. Remember the woman who I told you ranted in my ear for three hours a couple weeks ago about how evil H is?

Her. They're back together. And I didn't find out because he called me and said something so that I wouldn't go down there this weekend with expectations or feel awkward when I found out. Nope. He told Sully, who told Sixweasels, who told me.

So now, I'm going to feel awkward, and maybe a little sad whenever I see him, because he didn't have the kindness to tell me himself.

I knew that this was a risk going into it. He is one of Sully's friends after all. But, I somehow had higher expectations of one of the inner circle. I thought that he would have learned something of kindness and respect for girl-friends over the years with Six and I to guide him. And God bless her, Six is even angrier and disappointed than me. I think I've been too disallusioned over the years to have any expectations of people.

I guess he just doesn't know how to have a true friendship with a woman. He is old. Well, not old, but definately of an older generation. Maybe they aren't as used to having girl-friends as opposed to girlfriends. Because they're stupid.

And I predicted it. I had a dream one night this week that Sully and I "did it" (eeeww) and I got preggo, and Sully tried to foist me off on H. But when Six, Sully and I were going for a walk, we passed by T's house and H was coming out of it. He said they were back together. So I was all alone and expecting a baby.

In interpretation, I think the Sully and me getting preggo thing has a lot to do with my subconsious blaming Sully and making him responsible. But what a Freudian dream, huh?

And on top of all this I was poisoned! Poisoned I tell you! By guacamole. Food poisoning. I spent Thursday night and Friday puking and pooping up a storm.

I really hate this.


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