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11:08 a.m. - 2004-06-21
More on stupid boys that should have rocks thrown at them.
Entry two.

In a fit of "I'm unhappy and I'm going to change my hair-ness" I made my hair blonde last night. Or, actually, light red with orange and yellow highlights. I just can't win.

So here I go, looking like a crayon until Wednesday evening when my hair stylist will put things to rights. Until then, its stylin' like a teenager.

This is what stupid boys do to me. I lay in bed missing a warm body last night even though H never spent a night in my apartment. In fact, I never really liked actually sleeping at his house anyway because he had a warm waterbed. I can't sleep when I'm hot and I hated that fucking waterbed. I'm a nice firm mattress sort of girl.

But now that the possibility is gone, I'm missing opportunity to have a warm male body in bed with me now and then. And breakfast in the morning.

Its a sad, sad situation.

But, its for the best. I really need to look into finding a "real boy." One I can date and do things with who isn't 50% or more asshole. I'd like to back that down to 25%.

Yeah, like that makes me feel better. I guess I'll just have to ride this one out.


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