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9:04 a.m. - 2004-06-22
Let me sleep.
I am so behind at work because of the day off, and now, the poison seems to have worn down the edges of my brain. I can't remember anything, I can't speak clearly, I can't focus. I am neglecting the basics. And my stomach churns up acid with every bite.

My stomach is burning as we speak, and all I ate was a plain bagel and iced tea.

I'm miserable and I don't know why. My nights are packed with dreams that wipe me out by morning. Last night in one of them I was dancing in a club. And I was exhausted. Like I am this morning.

I've been reading Food and Loathing as recommended by a friend. And I think that it has taken a toll on my sleep. I tend to suck up what I read and watch like a sponge. Which is why I tend to read and watch happy stuff. Good stuff. Food and Loathing was not happy. It was about a girl with a compulsive eating disorder who was misdiagnosed for years until they found out she was bi-polar. She came close to suicide a few times and was locked up on the mental institution several times.

Not the stuff of happy dreams and restful nights.

So tonight, I'm starting another happier book by Nora Roberts. And go back to sleeping like a baby. I hope.

Back to teh food poisoning though, does it really make you unalert and stupid? Maybe I'm still dehydrated. That can make you stupid. And the doctor at the hospital did say that it took days to rehydrate.

I guess I'll wait it out and hope I don't get fired in the meantime because all I want to do is sleep.


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