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12:57 p.m. - 2004-07-01
Something in commen.
Its funny how I've come to associate Diaryland with Cows. Each time I see the homepage, I see Dairyland, and think milk.


I was speaking to one of my co-workers in Nebraska today, and we found that neither of us wanted to work, and we have something in common.

Vin Diesel, Viggo Mortenson, and Liam Neeson. What are the chances of that? I think I'm gonna like her a lot. Plus, she knows all about man wine. Too bad she doesn't work here. I need a strong ally. I'm being picked on by another bully, but am too tired to lay a smackdown today. I much prefer my own personal assholes to those at work. Stupidity can be forgiven. Not meanness


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