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8:42 a.m. - 2004-07-05
A weekend of comraderie and Journal Con
A weekend of BBQ hopping, girl time and polenta are very healing. Polenta? Yes! Eastportgrl makes some damned addictive polenta. And with the addition of marinated chicken, "Magic Fruit" (of Batten origin) and yummy fruity/creamy goodness a la Mr. Weasel, I filled my belly with food goodness and wine and Love Actually. My favorite movie of the moment.

We had a gaggle of 8 girls, all pretty, funny and smart in assorted states of dress, from the very casual to the bordering on slutty, but not quite. It was fantastic.

Then we tromped over to T's house for another BBQ and some boy action. And although I didn't find any to play with, I did mess with a couple and made T blush which was extra funny. He doesn't seem like the type to blush, but boy did I get him! And I was sober Zen. No vodka talking.

T also throws a kick-ass party, and he lives right on the water so we watched the lights dance on the surface of the river under the stars. I was as mellowed out as mellow gets. And I got to try some of the rum that Batten put in the fruit. Delicious stuff from the Dominican Republic that tasted like vanilla, melon and something else that I can't quite remember.

So we were out there chatting, Sixweasels, Batten, Eastportgrl and me. And guess what? WERE GOING TO JOURNAL CON!

Yahoo! So you'd better be there!


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