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1:24 p.m. - 2004-07-19
Mother Nature tastes like shit.
What I neglected to tell you before is that when I went to this Open House I got TONS of freebies! TONS! Herbs, supplements, skin care, teas, and much, much more. I threw away all the ones that I couldn't find info on and the ones that had stimulants (wouldn't want my head to pop off) and all the ones that claimed to support the liver because that just scares me.

So I took one that was called Mother Earth Whole Food supplement this AM instead of my usual regimine of vitamins. And I'm still tasting it if you know what I mean. Children - never eat Mother Earth. She tastes like shit. So, away with all of those. But the body washes, lotions, face care, etc. are all really nice.

I have two more supplement thingies now. Source of Life Energy Shakes. More whole foods. I'm kinda scared, but it says you can mix with milk or juice, so maybe it'll be OK. We'll see.


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