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9:21 a.m. - 2004-07-21
Boogie nights.
I'm still scared to drink the Source of Life shakes, so I've been concentrating on drinking green tea. Specifically, Wuyi Rock Tea, which is organic, pre-brewed concentrate in individual packets. I got the peach flavor. Its wonderful. Just toss some ice, water sweetener and tea in a water bottle, and shake like a polaroid picture (eek!). I've been infected by pop music this morning.

I AM SO EXCITED that I get to go dancing this weekend! This may sound very girlie, but I really do have nothing to wear. I understand that there is a dress code in this club and I have no girlie club clothes. Well, maybe I do, but only in halves. Like I have boobie shirts, but no bootie bottoms to go with them. And vice versa. Its rediculous. But cow towns like mine do not sell complete booty booby sets. And how am I going to look dancing to the likes of Sean Paul and Beyonce only half dressed?

I do have some damn sexy shoes, but I can't dance in them. I can barely walk in them. They are usually reserved for cruises, but I always have to replace them with more functional platforms to bet my groove thing on. But that could be because its a ship and it wobbles.


Anyway, I am sure to look like the chubby hottie that I am when it gets down the the wire.

(Picture Zen bouncing up and down on her office chair in anticipation of boogie night.) <= Me now through Friday.


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