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1:53 p.m. - 2004-07-23
Me and dancing.
Its 2:00 and I'm ready to blow this joint. I am leaving early, in order to make a massage appointment AND get to dinner with the DJ on time. Dinner, dance lessons and then club dancing all night long. Sound like my normal night out? Nope! Its going to be a blast! I'm even dressing up in a skirt and fuck me heels.

Now if only my back weren't sore. I pulled a muscle while i was sleeping and it seems to have travelled from my neck to my lower back now. I'm drinking an herbal anti-inflamatory tea, so hopefully, after the massage table action I'll be good to go.

Tomorrow I'm hoping to recover by Six's mom's pool in the afternoon, then a trip to the organic grocery store for staples. Its looking to be a very fun and relaxing weekend.

Oh yeah - Welcome back sailor girls! I can't wait to see Eastportgrl's crushes. I'm very curious. Must be hard having so many men at your feet...I'm glad to hear you both had a great time.


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