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12:49 p.m. - 2004-08-02
Weekend sadness.
Work sucked balls.

Weather sucked balls.

College roomie's grandmom dying sucks BIG BLUE balls.

I ended up working half of what I thought I would on Saturday and Sunday. Everything went so smoothly they didn't need me, and since I'm no micromanager, I didn't need me either.

I had plenty of play time, but nobody to play with and nothing to do on my own. I really wanted to go exploring on my new road bike, but it was a sauna outside.

I went to the Caragem place for a automatic table massage Saturday afternoon, and found a new Indian restaurant for dinner. I don't know whether the food was bad, or just not to my taste, but the spices were all different than what I normally have. Maybe just new. I felt like I was eating in India, because the restaurant didn't have air conditioning on, and it felt like a sauna inside too. It was a pretty restaurant, but hot as Hadies. So you can imagine your poor Polar Zen, who doesn't like heat swealtering away in the pursuit of cultured nutrition. Thank god the food was bland or I would have spontaneously combusted.

I finished off the evening with a little movie watching action in my bedroom/apartment (yeah right). I rented Two Brothers and a Wife. The premise is two young farmers lose their doting mother and are unable to care for themselves. One of them finds info on Russian brides, "traditional women," and decides that they need one to play mom for them. I thought it was creative and adorable. Offbeat, low budget, but very nice.

Yesterday morning I got a call from my ex-college roomie. Her grandmother has cancer throughout her body and they didn't expect her to live through the weekend. This woman made my college existance bearable through the first two years, and became very much my own through the last decade. I didn't have grandparents, and only my mom, brother and step-dad to call family within 1000 miles. JS's family took me in like one of their own. We got care packages, dinner invites and weekends at the grandparent's to keep us sane. She was a sweetie and I will miss her sorely.

JS's sister is in Hong Kong right now, hubby is in the military, but she couldn't get a flight until next week. She won't make it by the funeral. Its so sad. Even the death of a grandparent isn't enough to expedite flight plans in the military. I'm sure they have their reasons. Maybe she'll be able to switch flights with someome who doesn't have an emergency.

So, I'm going to try to swing a viewing and possibly the funeral, although its and hour and 40 min away. Its close to Six though, so I may try to stay with her the night before/after? I'll think of something. I really need to be there with the family.

I may not have a lot of close family with blood connections, but I've been adopted by the best there is. Between Six and JS, I have relatives coming out of my ears.

Take care everyone.


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