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3:22 p.m. - 2004-08-03
I'm feeling very blah today. Not bcause of the death. Just feeling blah in general. I'm hot today at work. Usually, I'm freezing. No blasting next door though. Maybe they finally got through the rock. That really bugged me.

I decided to leave work Thursday to go to the viewing, then stay over at Six's for the funeral Friday. Its down in her area. I can't imagine not being there for JS and her family. I'm happy I can do this.

Hopewully it will be decent out Saturday afternoon and Six and I can do some floating in her mom's pool. I need some relaxation. And maybe some beer. Yes, some beer. That sounds wonderful.

The dog was restless last night. Kept doing circles around the house, going from room to room. She didn't want anything, didn't want to do anything. Just restless. I have nights like that. Maybe she's feeling blah too.

I'm going to go feel blah some more at work now.


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