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9:39 a.m. - 2004-08-05
I didn't think I had kids.
I had a heart to heart with my god-kids' mom this past weekend. She and her husband are totally screwed, and they did it to themselves.

He hasn't kept a job in the last three years over a month, because he gets depressed about not being a career man, and its always the "job's" fault. The job is always holding him back, so he quits.

She gets and keeps jobs, but becomes too emotionally attached and works for peanuts and isn't nearly as ambitious as she should be given her education and brains/talent. She's too grateful. AND she is working a part time night job on teh side, yet her husband refuses to work.

They bring in a grand total of 18, 000 a year, own a new truck, and newish minivan, because they "need" them. They moved from an apartment that was 650 a month to one that's 850 a month because it was "bigger." Its actually less square footage, but they didn't notice that when they looked at it.

They have 9000 worth of credit card debt, pay out 160 a week for daycare during the summer, 80 a week during the schoolyear.

One kid requires several psyciatric meds and appointments a month, the other is heading there.

Both she and her husband need to be treated for clinical depression and god knows what else.

The kids deserve to be kids and have clothes, school supplies, sports equipment and extracurricular activities.

So who do you think is going to rescue them? You got it. Your own Zen. Auntie Zen is paying rent this month, buying school supplies and clothes for the kiddies and anything else they need to get started.

It won't solve their problems, but it will keep a roof over their heads keep the kids from being impacted.

Their parents on both sides have bailed them too many times. And both sets are now in retirement homes and have nothing left to give.

She has tapped all the programs, offices and agencies possible, and there is no help left. Her story is all too familiar. All too normal these days.

They have both applied for jobs at a huge manufacturing plant in town that will offer higher paying jobs, and much needed benefits. So I am hoping for the best.


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