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3:15 p.m. - 2004-08-09
Weekend happenings.
I'm listening to my new Sean Paul CD. I LOVE it. I feel like boogying.

I have pretty eclectic taste in music. Right now on my desk, I have:

Sean Paul, Dutty Rock

Kimberly Locke, One Love

Amici, the Opera Band

Joni Mitchell, Clouds

Love, Actually soundtrack

I switch out every two weeks or so. I get bored with music easily. I tend to obsess. Like when I bought the Blue Oyster Cult CD, I played Don't Fear the Reaper on repeat for hours. Same with Smashing Pumpkins Tonight, Tonight and Disarm. One of these days I'm going to figure out how to record CDs on my computer and make a CD called Obsession with all my favorite songs.

I bought a keyboard and mouse for my laptop yesterday for 5 and 4 dollars respectively. Great stuff, but I got home to find out that my laptop doesn't have outlets for them. I thought for sure you could hook up stuff to laptops. I don't like typing on it, because I keep hitting the mouse pad and skipping all over the screen.

So much for being in the tech profession. Give me a mainframe, I'm your girl. Give me a laptop, I'm apparently an idiot. I'm going to have to call Six's hubby on this one.

The weekend was OK. Started out rough, but I got to go for a hike, hang out with Six and Goose and shop for cool office stuff. Not bad. I also went to a local festival, but it sucked. Only 20 vendors, and all country style crap. I hate country. Everyone in this area has country decor and it gets on my nerves.

Once in a while, you see a stand with really nice soaps, crystals or pottery. This wasn't one of those times. But, I stopped to get some peanut oil fries before leaving so it wasn't a total waste.


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