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9:33 a.m. - 2004-08-20
Swimmers are sexy.
I have a new man category.

The thinest man I ever lusted after =

Aaron Poisel.

He has a great face, and greater attitude. And that makes up for the lack of bug/ugly physique. Did you see him swim the 200 backstroke last night? Amazing! And those eyes kill me... ________________________________________ Oh yeah, I forgot to say that I'm getting another Bachelor's degree. It is Computer Information Systems - Technology Advancement Program. I should be able to complete the program without any other courses and get the degree because I already have one. And ITS FREE. Because my company is paying for it. Yay! Its an accelerated program that will take about a year online. It might even get me more money or something. Gotta love corporations sometimes. ________________________________________ One more thing. Six has reminded me that although this is a kick-ass opportunity, I must not lose focus on my healing arts ambitions. Never fear, learning the healing arts takes money, and money I will have if I get this degree. Besides, I need something to keep me fed and insured while I practice the healing arts on people.


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