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8:48 a.m. - 2004-09-01
Falling over men.
You will SERIOUSLY not believe this. I go out in my own dinky little town once in a blue moon. Usually for the birthdays of the girls I went to Cancun with years ago, and our extended network of hangers on.

I met everyone out at a local tavern/restaurant after working out last night (yay me!), and noticed the huge amount of motorcycles in the parking lot. Not really thinking anything of it, I walked in, and who do you think was there with all his friends? The guy that got FIRED two days ago.

How often does that happen? Its like Karma is laughing hysterically at her tricks on poor ole Zen. Throws him in my face over and over to remind me what a loser I am with men.

NOT that I'm giving up mind you. Its takes a lot of mistakes to do the right thing sometimes. I'm willing to fall on my face a few times more.


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