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9:19 a.m. - 2004-09-09
Whining about boredom.
Life is so boring sometimes. I'm bored. My job is one big gasacious cloud of a bore. I thought for sure we'd get a tornado last night to shake things up, but...nothing.

How does someone get to be a bored as I am? I want to go out and play tonight, but there's nobody to play with. That's when I wish I lived in the Big City with all my other fun pals. I could run by Six's or Sully's and nab them for a evening of frivolity in the middle of the week. THAT would be great.

I wonder whether Ivan will roar at us in the Mid-Atlantic? I feel like a shit wishing for it, because I don't want anyone hurt, but I need a little excitement over here.

Whining session complete.

Oh yeah - go give Batten lots more luvin' so the positive energy will infuse itself in her cat and he will get better with drug therapy. GO STINKY!


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