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1:48 p.m. - 2004-09-15
Home on the range
Entry two:

I ate turkey for lunch, and now I'm suffering from a huge guilt trip. I didn't enjoy it...

Batten mentioned free range chickens. However, I've heard that some free range chickens actually live in chages that are just moved around the range now and then to give them a fresh view. Maybe that was just an internet urban legend sort of thing, or perhaps not the norm. I'm going to research free range chickens and see if they are a viable option.

I love chicken.

And chickens.

I should wear a "save the chickens" pin to feed my fanatical, foul loving soul. With a picture of chickens running across the fields like Sound of Music.

Why are people such creeps?

Damn you Frank Pu&due and your chicken drawers!


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