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11:11 a.m. - 2004-09-30
A survey
Swiped from July 28:

Age - 33

Boyfriend - stop laughing!

Chore I hate - making my bed

Dominant or submissive - depends on the mood

Essential make up - powder and mascara

Fave place in the house - Bathtub

Gold or silver - depends on the mood

Happiest memory - yet to be made

Instrument you play - my voice, and small wind instruments (never in public)

Job title - international technical project manager (insert puke)

Kids - one big, white, fuzzy doggie with big brown eyes

Living arrangements - (insert puke here ) with mom and step-dad, absolutely temporary

Material Possession you love most - My Blackbeard's Lager t-shirt from St. Thomas

Number of people slept with - Well, it depends on the definition... Two full monty's, a few half-monty's

Overnight hospital stays - none

Phobias - boyfriends (suffocation), spiders

Quote you like - When you get to the end of your rope, tie a know and hang on.

Most revered person - me right now (yay!)

Most scary experience - not even going there

Unique ability - getting into the brains of junkies.

Vegetable you refuse to eat - brussels sprouts and mushrooms

Worst habit - eating too much

Yummy food you make - baked pasta, spinich dip

Zodiac sign - Aries


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