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11:31 a.m. - 2004-10-11
The Princess and the letcher.
The long weekend began with assholishness,and ended with asshlishness.

Six and I arrived at the retreat center a bit late for lack of directional awareness (I forgot to look for the route change sign.) We missed her boss/ex-boss at the bar, but chose to have a couple before turning in. (Was it an option?)

As we started to talk about packing it in for the night, we were accosted by seven sales people on a golf vacation intended to make clients think that no one else does it better. They made a strong impression by getting the client/s drunk and making of so not funny jokes about penises and womens' shoes. But, they did make sure we were included in the rounds, so they weren't all bad.

Six and I polished off several shots with aplomb, while the sales people gagged and spat and sputtered to get them down. They had no idea that the Princes of Assholia and her loyal lady-in-waiting were in the house. They were much impressed and dismayed by our tolerance for wicked booze concoctions. One of them kept leering at us like we were pieces of meat hanging in a shop window. Picture 5'10", pot belly, bad conservative clothes, dyed hair and puffy face.

Major squidge.

So, the Princess and I decided that our dues were paid, thank the skanky guys for the drinks, and headed off to our room. I sensed a sneer at my back.

The next morning, I woke up early, and decided to have a nice breakfast in the resort restaurant. I sat down, right behind a table of three of the folks we had drank with the previous evening, and one new lady. Nobody seemed to recognize me, so I went along my merry way, ordering a post vodka binge breakfast of fat and carbs and lots of coke.

The table was close enough that I could hear every bit of the conversation. the group was telling the newcomer about the evening before, including the "two young ladies" at the bar who were matching the men shot for shot. According to the lady, the sleezy leering guy was trying to get us drunk so we would fuck him. Apparently, he does it all the time. try to get women drunk enought to fuck him.

He was quite pissed about the whole thing. Apparently he didn't know who he was boozing up. The Princess of Assholia and her loyal lady-in-waiting can drink nearly any man or woman under the table and walk away without the faintest stumble, any day of the week. Ooops! Sorry 'bout your luck pervert.
Guess you'll think twice next time.

Saturday and Sunday were pretty much uneventful other than my muffler falling off halfway down the mountain. I then had to go back up the mountain so I could get some string or something to tie the baby back on to the car so I could at least get back into civilization. Six's hubby was quick to accomodate, putting the thing back in its notches, which held till I could get it to the muffler place this morning. (Thanks again Mr. Weasel! I'll have to bake you a pie.)

270 dollars later, I have a new exhaust pipe, two gaskets, and two spring bolt kits which make my baby good as new. (Sorry about the those mean things I said about selling you...) Who would have thought that a fucking pipe (just a metal pipe) would cost 194 dollars? This place has a lowest price guarantee, so I'm gonna call around for quotes. Maybe I can get a little back.

This has been a rickety entry. I am PMSing up a storm, and seem to have lost my sense of connectedness to words. I am also still bitchy. I was bitchy all weekend. I don't like this not being on birth control. I want my even temperedness back. Maybe it'll even out later. Blech.


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