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2:12 p.m. - 2004-10-12
Penises and Karma.
Entry 2:

Oh Jeez, sorry guys! I didn't realize any of you were waiting for me to finish peeing. (Like you really were...)

I have two BIG implementations this weekend that will have me running around ass ragged. I guess I may actually earn my keep at this company. So I expect asshole and penis sightings will be nill. At least I hope so. Then again, Sixweasels thinks that little penises are my good luck charms, so maybe a brief sighting would be helpful.

Little penises are good Karma I guess. If I'm really, really lucky, maybe big penises are good luck too, but I just haven't seen any. Well, I saw one once, but it was from a car window.

BTW - Please go send all your positive thoughts to Batten who is seriously unemployed. I hope I have her fortitude if ever I am in the same position. I think I would just wither up and die if I were unemployed for an extended period of time. Blech...


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