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2:45 p.m. - 2004-10-15
Out of the fray... into the fray.
Entry two:

I had to take a break from workingworkingworking and read Sixweasels' entry about politics. That tree-hugging liberal douche is sooo right. (Sorry Six) Train techs, to become techs, who will be laid off AGAIN due to outsourcing of techs.
Hmmm, real smart there...

Here is my plan:

Let's all vote for Goose and Sully. Prez and Vice Prez. Goose gets to be Prez because he's older and taller. Sully gets Vice, because there'll be a six pack in every fridge. (Stolen shamelessly from Six.)

No beer left behind!

Oh yeah, Batten, you seem to have kicked some turtle ass. Sorry about that babe! Its all that ass kicking mojo you've got going on. Just try to leave those dear blown glass creatures out of it, huh? And good luck getting him fixed. Its great to have connections.


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