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2:07 p.m. - 2004-10-21
Surgery and all that.
WOW! You people are Soooo cool.

The good news is that the doctor is someone I REALLY trust. He did my previous surgery and saved me from dying. So this is small potatoes. The sonographer is very cool, and showed me everything we're dealing with. And it isn't too scary. I should be a lot more comfortable when its through. I should be in and out in a few hours.

The other thing is, I'm really oddly attracted to the sonographer. He has to do this INTERNAL sonogram stuff with a thing that looks like a dildo, and he's attractive, and we seem to have a groove thing going on, and (sorry if you're sensitive) and I have to admit, except for the ouchy parts, ummm... its kinda not bad. I make googly eyes at him. (Only me...)

So the pre-op should be REALLY interesting when I'm hopped up on morphine or some other like controlled substance. I hope I don't make an ass of myself. Though I don't think he'd really mind. If only there weren't medical oaths about not getting your freak on with patients. Conflict of interest? What conflict of interest?

I'm sucking it up boys and girls. I'm gettign into the right frame of mind. Positive thoughts make for less recovery time.

Six - Just remind me that I can't have alcohol till the surgery is over. Because I'm in a vodka mood, but am restricted from any alcohol, pain relievers or herbs until surgery is over. I don't want to screw up tomorrow night.

Zen shall overcome.


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