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2:28 p.m. - 2004-10-26
Counselor Zen.
Entry 2: I must be putting out some major care giver vibes. I've had several (I mean several) people come to me in the last few days with marital (like I know anything about that) and grief issues. I should change careers and become a counselor or something. I don't think they make much money. I'm doing it for free right now though.

Its pretty drainng stuff. I wonder how the professionals cope with it. It drains my mental and emotional resources even to sit and listen. Aside from the girl with divorce issues I wrote about yesterday, none of these are more than aquaintences. They are coming in droves to seek counsel with Mistress Zen.

Is there a way to turn that off? The care taker vibe?

They aren't even freaks or interesting stories. One of them is the janitor at work who I never spoke to other than to say hello as I passed her in the restroom. She all of a sudden cornered me and burst into tears and told me about her husband was killed by his doctor due to negligence. Like I need to know. I suggested she seek a therapist.

Why me?


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