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8:40 a.m. - 2004-10-29
Weekend planned.
Everyone send all your most powerful money mojo to me so that I get that big, whopping 0% interest until next January credit card to consolidate my two cards onto. I need to start saving for movers and a security deposit so I can cut this at home living thing short. I'm thinking that I'd like to be out yesterday, or maybe February. Before my 34th birthday.

Oh, and I can't save nothin' if I don't consolidate.

I am Halloweening tonight. Not really looking forward to it, but its an obligatory thing. But there will be a couple of people there I look forward to seeing. But for the most part, I am going through city withdrawl and am itching to get down to B-more. Sixweasels and I are meeting up with Batten and Eastportgrl for lunch tomorrow. I can't wait!!! They'll get to see my new hairstyle. I got it cut last night. Its sort of a retro 80's feathered do with a modern twist. I invented it. I think.

Its ben a while since I've done one of these, so here goes:

This weekend I will --
1) Be a very good girl and not ingest any alcohol or caffeine.
2) Stay out late Saturday night because the time changes and it has to be taken advantage of.
3) Not crawl up on the bar at The Bar to go to sleep because I'm staying out late and can't keep up.
4) Take advantage of any and all sympathy and encouragement offered. Even seek it out if I have to. Beg.
5) Set up my new camp bed at Six's so they can get rid of the big ole mattress I inhabit in the living room.
6) Not feel sorry fo rmyself because I have to have girlie surgery.
7) NOT walk up to big ugly ex-prisoner types and tell them I want it.
8) Wish Six and Mr. Six a Happy Anniversary, then give Mr. Six a big high five for the lillies. Lillies even!!! That rocks.
9) Not eat too much.
10) Kiss a cute boy if he looks clean and unattached.


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