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8:49 a.m. - 2004-11-01
Weekend run down
The only boy I got to kiss was Sully. But, I went in for a smooch anyway. On the cheek of course. Lord knows where that mouth has been. He had some wicked stubble going on so it was a bit rough on the left cheek, but worth every tiny scratch. I needed boy affection, and Sully was the best thing offered. We even cuddled a bit after I told him about surgery. He was surprisingly interested in all the ins and outs, wanting to know how it would be done, where, etc.

He didn't flinch a bit when I said uterus. He was just emphatic that I get the thing checked out for cancer. He's still so traumatized by his mother's death in 96 by breast cancer. Poor baby. He of all people needs a mother.

Sixweasels told the rest of the story. It was a bizarre night in The City, but not so much being it was The Bar. Go read it...

In other news, I tried to get home as late as possible last night. I went to the organic store, and the very expensive department store where I get my favorite bras. They are pricy, but my size is hard to find in really pretty, girly styles. You'd thing with big boobs being so popular they'd make more pretty bras to keep them in.

But, when I arrived home, my brother and nephew incubator (I'm sure its a boy) were still there. But, parenthood seemed to agree with them. They were friendly at least.

I'm off to another doctor appt, where my doc is going to rip me a new one over my cholesterol and blood pressure.
Wish me luck...

*** I almost forgot to tell you. Six totally traumatized me with that movie Wr0ng Turn. I will never walk in the woods again in West V1rginia.


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